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Why We Teach Writing In the First Place

[Toby Fulwiler]

We attend school to learn to think.

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic are basic to thinking.

Writing is basic to thinking about, and learning knowledge in all fields as well as communicating that knowledge.

Emphasis on penmanship and grammar may be at the expense of the encouragement of expression.

Emphasis on reading may be at the expense/neglect of expressive writing.

Filling in blank workbooks will diminish writing activity.

Writing is the basic stuff of education. We must no substitute the passive reception of information for the active expression of facts, ideas and feelings.

Children need to write their ideas and feelings – early and throughout their lives.

Reading is the passive receiving of knowledge and writing is the more active generation of knowledge.

The writer learns, grows and retains knowledge from the writing process.

Reading and writing are both needed for learning. They are supportive skills and both are essential to the learning process.

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