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The homeschool parent needs a quiet time to spend in prayer and in God's Word.  This could be before children are awake, or after they are asleep or during the mid-day nap and quiet times.  An hour when the whole house is quiet is desirable.

As you pray, read scripture, and journal (writing a response and affirmation of what you are reading and studying), God will show you a scripture for the day, a prayer of the day, hymns or songs, and a Bible story.

This is your preparation time in God's presence.  Do this every day and you will be blessed and your children will know God, know His plan, and walk with Him.

How to Use the Daily Devotions Page

        Choose the scripture(s) you want to focus on.  Then explore it with the following questions, discussing them with your children, and give the writing assignments.

 (1) What does it say about God's character and  His values?
 (2) What does it teach us about people or about myself?
 (3) How can I apply this to myself or to my life?  Write an affirmation such as "I want to..."
 (4) Write the verse in your best hand writing.

 (5) Write your affirmation in your best handwriting.
 (6) Write the verse again (the next day) and decorate the page with a picture or a nice border design. 

 (7) Mail it to a grandparent or other person to delight and encourage them..

Weekly lessons


"The daily practice of prayer, Bible reading and Homiletics will give the child and the family a Foundation in the faith that will be lasting." 

Aim: to glorify God in the work of the day, putting the Bible first , as the center of the language arts curriculum for reading, writing, discussion, composition and free writing..

Daily Bible verses for reading together, handwriting practice, memorizing, discussing, journalling, and sharing with family members.